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Firebug Page Speed is a web design plugin for Firefox that I use as a website analysis, debugging and performance tool. Once installed, the Firebug icon is accessible in the bottom-right hand corner of the Firefox status bar.

Click the Firebug icon and the screen splits, giving access to numerous tools that aid in streamlining your site. The suggested changes that will make the most impact on your sites's performance are listed at the top with a red circled exclamation.

Typically, leveraging page cacheing is the first course of action. Most web pages include resources that change infrequently, such as CSS files, image files, JavaScript files, and so on. These resources take time to download over the network, which increases the time it takes to load a web page. HTTP caching allows these resources to be saved, or cached, by a browser. Once a resource is cached, the browser can refer to the locally cached copy instead of having to download it again on subsequent visits to the web page.

Included in the long list of Firebug performance enhancement suggestions is a great image optimization tool. You can use it to perform lossless compression on JPEG and PNG files, with no effect on image quality.

I will be featuring more handy Firebug Page Speed tools and options in my blog.
Solar Works New England
Websites: image 1 of 6 Website designed to educate and inform potential customers of the benefits of solar energy. Twitter feed on homepage allows Solarworks to update page content daily. Contact form sent to Solarworks email box for owner.

Website optimized using Firebug Analysis.

Upton Self Storage
Websites: image 2 of 6 This website is for a local self-storage facility. I took my camera to the facility and captured images to give the website viewer a great feeling about the security and convenience that is offered by USS. The website features some Spry Widgets/Behaviors from Dreamweaver, such as the flyout menubar, rotating images, and text validation.

GTA Publishers
Websites: image 2 of 6 A company that develops and publishes best-selling educational programs and award-winning books. Website developed with a fun, colorful palette that reflects the subject matter of the client. I used several interactive Dreamweaver javascript Behaviors such as swap-images, fading, hide-and-show elements, and accordian panels.

CM Holden Building
Websites: image 2 of 6 A website for a Builder/Contractor/Craftsman featuring some of his work. I utilized a lovely lightbox slideshow script to display his images to the best effect. Significant amount of Photoshop cleanup work on the images to remove clutter and bring focus to the craftsmanship.

Vacation Wellfleet
Websites: image 2 of 6 A fun website created for a client to feature a rental cottage in Cape Cod. Website includes a Spry accordian widget and a javascript function that allows user to click through a 'photo albumn' loaded from an image array. A user login page allows renters access to secure forms.