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My View

Photography is an opportunity to express my perspective and observations. Light and time shape my view and allow me to caputure nuances of mood.

I find that the best pictures are at the edges of, or even behind the subject, very rarely is the head-on view the most interesting. I enjoy becoming part of the picture and the mood that surrounds it, rather than standing from a distance and capturing the obvious.

Even after careful observation of the relationship between every shape and color in my view, the camera always sees more layers than I anticipate.

Tilt Viewer

TiltViewer is a free, customizable 3D Flash image viewing application.

Since I already have my images on Flickr, the easiest way to create a gallery was to load my images and text from Flickr. Simply done by embedding a call to javascript and flash into my html file.

The script has a number of variables that you can set for different viewing options. For example defining your Flickr ID and tags will allow you to pull specific photos from your Flickr account. There are also variables for the size and colors of your photo viewing window.

Get more detailed intructions on how to use the TiltViewer application.
TiltViewer requires JavaScript and the latest Flash player. Get Flash here.